About Us

Hydro Forced Fusion service is innovation at its finest.

Hydro Forced Fusion is the ultimate engine service, proudly delivered by a global team of highly trained and knowledgeable engineers who go the extra mile with each service they perform. With nearly 20,000 cleans carried out worldwide, Hydro Forced Fusion is the market leader with extensive experience across a range of industry sectors including automotive, marine and power generation. In addition to the general public, we work closely with the MoD, Commercial Fleets, Councils and Emergency Services to bring the Hydro Forced Fusion service to those with large vehicle volumes requiring regular cleans as part of their maintenance schedules. Our unique product range allows us to manage any sized engine up to 30 litres with further scope for up to 100 litres. Our combined passion for customer service and engineering innovation drives us to be the best in the business and truly sets us apart. We care about every service that we perform and continually strive to offer the ultimate in customer care… we’ve got you covered.

Why Choose Us

Experience Skills

We have experienced team to provide you best services at you doorstep.

Expert Engineers

We have expert engineers with complete skill set for this work.

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Environment Friendly

The service significantly reduces harmful emissions and there are no chemicals used.

Restore Power And Performance

Removing Carbon will allow to restore power and smoother performance

Trusted Work

We provide trusted work to our customers according to their demands.

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Revitalize Fuel Efficiency

The service will help to remove carbon build-up and thereby revitalize fuel efficiency